The Weekly North Texas YL net

Making a difference in the way women connect.



When and where is the Weekly Net YLNTX

Monday nights @ 8pm (WEEKLY -- that's why we call it the weekly net)

Main repeater -- 442.325 (127.3)
Additional Fort Worth link -- 442.225 (110.9)

Who can participate in the YL NTX net?

ANYONE can participate in the net! Be you a man, woman, child, as long as you abide by the FCC rules, you are welcome to participate. While the intent of this net is to get women on the air, men are welcome to check in during the second half of the net. Men, feel free to voice opinions on the technical topic, give a shout out of support to your YL, and share any events going on within your area.

Who can be a net control operator?

Net control is specifically reserved for women. If you're interested in giving net control a whirl, please feel free to contact Allison, KG5BHY. If you're an inexperienced net control operator, no cause for alarm. We don't teach you by throwing you into the deep end of the pool to see if you can swim. Net control is best learned in chunks. If you're an experienced net control operator, just give us a shout and we can work out a date. We'd love to have you take the reigns some week. The more the merrier.

Who can present a technical topic?

Absolutely anyone. As it turns out, YLs do most of the net control and OMs do most of the topics, but ANYONE can teach a topic. If you have a club presentation you are working on and you would like to try it out on us, we welcome your input. One warning, though -- we try to keep our topics scheduled four to six weeks in advance. If you want to use the net for a test run, you should let us know early.

Great things about topics:

If you already know your subject, its a great opportunity to share you expertise. If you don't know the subject, you *will* by the time you get done researching. Consider it inspiration to learn.

Try one! One warning, though. They're like popcorn. You probably won't be able to stop at one.