Blog walkie-talkie modules as cheap as $7
Jul 6, 2017 | Raspberry Pi, hardware

These radios might work well with Raspberry Pi and qruqsp

NTS Procedural Words
Advance scientific research through amateur radio
May 15, 2017 | digital modes, SPY, SEQP, RBN, JOVE, HamSCI, ADSB

There are a few projects that encourage ham operators to help advance scientific research and understanding through amateur radio activities.

Using FLDIGI for digital modes
Recommended uses of APRS 144.39 and 144.99
We have a Super Repo for qruqsp
Qualcom Atheros wifi chips below 2.4Ghz in ham band
Start Here - Why qruqsp and what
Aug 20, 2016 | qruqsp, RACES, NTS, ARES

Why qruqsp?
Why are we building this?
What are the goals?
What's the plan?

Raspberry Pi 3 NOOBS Raspbian Setup