DFW 220 Net

Help keep the 220 band alive


This net meets every Thursday Night at 8:30 on 224.78 PL tone 110.9.
After check-ins and discussion some participants will move to 224.46 with no PL tone.

The purpose of this net is primarily to encourage the use of the 220 Mhz band and provide information and training to the participating amateur radio operators.

This is a directed net which means that the Net Control Operator will ask for check-ins and you should wait to be recognized by Net Control before bringing any traffic to this net.

Traffic appropriate for this net includes announcements, technical talk, swap listing, sports, this week’s weather, or any information regarding amateur radio.

Even if you have no traffic all licensed amateur radio operators are asked to participate and let us know that you are out there.

The DFW 220 Net thanks Chuck Adams, N5UN for allowing us to use the 224.78 repeater.