The Weekly North Texas YL net

Making a difference in the way women connect.


Here's the official version.

The YL North Texas Weekly Net's primary goals are to provide networking opportunities for YLs; to share information and technical training; to provide a forum to discuss issues pertaining specifically to YLs and women in general; to share information regarding current events within the local community and to accurately define the term YL. (YL -- "Young Lady", i.e. licensed female ham operator.)

Here's the unofficial version.

We want to get the women on the air, get them talking to each other and, more than that, we want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will facilitate and grow the YL population and the hobby as a whole.

Once YLs get comfortable talking to each other, they may even start talking to the men. with me just for a moment here people... It is entirely possible that once the YLs start talking to each other and the YLs and OMs start talking to each other and the OMs continue talking to each other as they have for 75 plus years... This, my friends, might just change the decidedly one-sided atmosphere of the airwaves in general.

Now *that* is a goal, indeed.

It cost no more to dream a big dream than a small dream. Let's dream big together.